A Funeral 

A Funeral is the last honour we can give our loved one who has passed away. It is one of the last remaining ceremonies and it is a very important ritual that helps in the grieving process by being allowed to say our goodbyes and accept that our loved one has moved on to a different life, whilst being supported by family and friends.

Increasingly more people wish to have a ceremony which reflects their beliefs, this may be spiritual but not necessarily religious. Many people who use my services are drawn to the funeral being seen as a celebration of their loved ones life and a wish for a more spiritual and creative ceremony that honours and acknowledges their loved one.

Humanists do not believe in an afterlife, whilst I feel our spirit lives on, my ceremonies reflect your spiritual beliefs. I perform funerals for people from all walks of life with all different beliefs, from earth based spirituality to Christian or Buddhist, religious, non religious and spiritual. 

We work together to create the ceremony you would like, if you wish to include prayers, blessings,  light a candle, recite a well loved poem or sing or play their favourite song, I am able to guide you. 

I often use the inspiration of nature in my funeral ceremonies as a reflection of life and the changing of the seasons which brings comfort in our darkest hours. We work together to ensure that the ceremony perfectly reflects your loved ones beliefs and your own, one in which your loved one is honoured in a memorable loving way.

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